A unique al fresco live-fire grilling and cooking experience.

Range & Reef

A unique al fresco live-fire grilling experience by Chef Holderbaum.

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Go beyond catering with Range & Reef.

Range and Reef's Live Fire Grilling

Range and Reef will travel to your home, business, or chosen venue to live-fire grill onsite and customize the menu to suit your event.

Range and Reef Shrimp Boil and Lobster Dinner

We only use the most fresh, highest quality ingredients sourced from local farmers and suppliers to ensure your spread is delicious and memorable.

Range and Reef Top Sirloin Rotisserie

Chef Holderbaum of Range and Reef is available all year round provided he hasn't already been booked. Book your next event now to guarantee the date.

Range and Reef's Al Fresco Grilling Experience

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What is live-fire grilling?

For one, it's an extraordinary culinary experience. 


Live-fire grilling is simple but embedded in our DNA. Long before ovens existed, humans cooked their food outside over open flames. They used wood from the forests and fields they wandered through and then gathered together around the fire in the evening as the game they caught sizzled. This was a time for sharing: sharing food, sharing stories, sharing warmth, and sharing good company. It was a cherished tradition for our hunter/gatherer ancestors that nourished and sustained both their appetites and their souls.

Chef Jim Holderbaum has been live-fire grilling for over 25 years and his passion in sharing this time-honored tradition with his clients and their guests. He uses professional stainless steel wood fired grills manufactured by Grillworks™, allowing him to cook onsite using hand-split oak along with peach, cherry and apple wood sourced from local orchards. Each wood fire infuses its own unique, smoky flavor into the meat, fish, and vegetables, creating amazing flavors and textures through the simplicity of live-fire grilling. Chef Holderbaum welcomes guests to gather around the grills and experience the unique sight, sounds and aromas as he creates a “culinary symphony” between fire and food.  

You will not find re-heated food served in warming trays at his events. Instead, Chef Holderbaum creates an extraordinary culinary experience at every event that delights guests and leaves an enduring memory. Everything he prepares is fresh and cooked right in front of guests who serve themselves as food comes hot off the fire. He prides himself on being present and the one manning the grill at every event he books; his personality and tales of international travel are part of the package (be sure to ask him about Azerbaijan and North Korea!). Range and Reef wouldn't be Range and Reef without Chef Jim Holderbaum.


Talk Around Town

Find out what people are saying about Range and Reef.

Most attention to detail and authentic style I’ve ever seen!
— Doug M.
Thank you so much for everything you did for our wedding!! a few weeks later and people are still talking about the food!
— Rachel B.
Excellent food and great hostess! I’ve had good food often but these guys take cooking to another level.
— Dave W.
The food was fantastic...Thank you for your part in making this event a wonderful experience.
— Ron H.
[Range & Reef] was outstanding! Many thanks for making a fantastic day even more fantastic!
— Fran C.
A huge thank you to Jim for coming to Quantico to live fire grill for some hungry Marines & their families this weekend. The food was absolutely delicious! There was something for everyone and the shrimp & mushrooms were our family favorite!
— Kristen H.
We met R&R at the Annapolis 2018 Naptown BarBAYq festival, where they shared their technique of grilling and the most incredible Shrimp I’ve ever had. They far exceeded every expectation of catered. R&R is THE BEST!
— John E.
We have had Range and Reef as our caterer for our nonprofit’s annual fundraiser for two years now and we can’t say enough good things about them. The food is of highest quality and Jim and his staff are top notch.
— Mike W.
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the wonderful job you did for our wedding. The food was outstanding, and we heard from more than one guest that it was the best wedding food they’d ever had! The outstanding service from both you and your staff was also so very much appreciated. You guys went above and beyond, and it did not go unnoticed! Thank you, thank you, thank you, for being such a spectacular part of our day!
— Samantha S.
Range and Reef is an excellent choice for your next party. Jim Holderbaum and his professional team provide a unique food experience with high-quality ingredients cooked to perfection. The bites are incredible! We had a seafood boil, wood - fire roasted veggies, tenderloin of beef, also some fantastic shucked oysters. Blue Points and Chincoteagues. Absolutely fabulous! I highly recommend Range and Reef, and look forward to the next inventive foodie event!
— Chris M.