Meet the Man Behind the Meat, Seafood, & Veggies

Chef Jim Holderbaum has been live fire grilling and cooking “al fresco" for family and friends for over 20 years, sharing his experiences in the joy of food and hospitality from around the world. In his previous profession, Jim traveled to over 60 countries where the diverse cooking methods, flavors, and presentation of food inspired him to pursue his passion for creating unique food experiences where cooking becomes part of the event. Jim is skilled in the art of live fire grilling with natural wood fires of oak, cherry, apple, peach and maple and grills year round.

My passion is helping clients bring people together around great food and making the food a personal and central part of entertaining.
Our clients want the food at their events to tell their guests, we are glad you are here!
— Chef Jim Holderbaum
 Chef Jim Holderbaum

Chef Jim Holderbaum


Relationships Are Everything

The quality of the food we prepare begins with personal relationships with our suppliers and purveyors.

Roseda Farm


Roseda Farm, in Baltimore Maryland, provides Range & Reef with gourmet, premium Angus beef that's natural, tender, and USDA inspected for quality.

The District FishWife


Range & Reef uses The District FishWife because it provides fresh fish and shellfish that has been sustainably sourced from regional fisheries.

T.S. Smith & Sons


T.S. Smith & Sons is an orchard in Bridgeville, Delaware. Range & Reef uses peach wood for its live-fire grill, which makes grilled food memorable.


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